Style the outdoors

When the weather get’s warm and the flowers start to bloom. We are anxious to get out doors and enjoy this beautiful time of year. Some of us like Gardening and Planting and others just like to simply sit back and relax enjoying the surrounding of their beautiful outdoor living space. Unique Garden Decor adds personality and charm. We have some great Idea’s for a beautiful outdoor space Like rustic Benches, Position a Bench under surrounding Shrubs, or a Fountain near those Blooming Flowers. The Subtle sounds of Cascading Water creating your own little paradise. Enjoy The outdoors with your family and Friends making your Back yard The perfect place for everyone.

See some of our Top Choices below. “Be Sure to Share your Comments”

Wagon Wheel Bench

Laze in the shade after a long day; this rustic bench is right at home on patio, porch or lawn. Sturdy love seat has ample seating for two, with quaint wagon wheel armrests at either end. It’s country comfort at its finest!

Spinning Water Mill Fountain

Relax in your outdoor living space while Watching and Listening to the gentle cascade of water streaming from the barrel bucket at the top of this wooden water mill fountain.

The gentle flow of water spins the wheel and the elongated basin below catches the runoff.

Wishing Well Garden Planter

A stunning showcase your favorite summer blooms! This absolutely charming outdoor planter features fir wood construction, a squared wishing well pavilion, and a hanging metal-banded wooden bucket that awaits the plant of your choice.

Navy Striped Hanging Chair

Nautical navy stripes will cradle you in cotton comfort. Whether you’re relaxing after mowing the lawn or completing a yacht race, swinging yourself to serenity is a breeze.

Check out our selection of Garden Decor- Adding Warm Beautiful Touches to your outdoor living Space.

Climbing Cat Decor-

This Curious Kitty Cat can’t resist climbing up to see what’s on the other side. He’s captured in lifelike detail and will hang from your favorite potted plant, garden gate, or wherever there’s a hint of trouble to discover.

Fire station Bird House

Perfect Gift  for that special Firemen. The birds will love making a nest in this charming two-story fire station! The outside is decorated with a hose, ladder, and a hydrant right outside.

Country Apple Plant Stand-

Put your favorite plants on proud display with this country-style stand! An apple-branch motif adds charm and color to a graceful triple-tier “gate” design.

Scout Camp Trading Post Birdhouse-

Enjoy Watching your Featured Friends Flock to this adorable Scout Camp Trading Post Bird House.  It’s perfectly decorated with all the delightful trimmings you’d find during a summer camp getaway, including canoe paddles, American flag, and evergreen trees.

Pink Hydrangea Hanging Basket-

These pretty pink Hydrangea flowers will always be in bloom, ready to decorate your space with their beauty. This unique hanging faux plant features a metal hook, chains and decorative basket, and the flowers will glow with light thanks to the small bulbs that are nestled inside their leafy foliage.

Biker Bar Birdhouse-

The birds in your yard will love making this Route 66 biker bar their home! This whimsical birdhouse features all the trimmings of a smokin’ hot highway roadhouse, complete with a motorcycle parked outside and a flame-painted roof.

Tranquility Water Pump Fountain-

Relax to the sounds of cascading water from this adorable Tranquility Water pump fountain. This adorable fountain adds Charm to any room of the house. The cordless design makes it easy to place any where in your home .

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