Inspired or Not

The Best Look, trends, inspiration, and shopping picks for summer style. What are they?

Are you inspired by 2015 summer trends?

Have you been searching for that perfect look? “Maybe something unique.”

Shopping can sometimes get overwhelming as we search all the many fashions available. But Which one’s do you Love? or should I say, which ones fits your peronallity the best? The way we dress says a lot about us. So find Something that compliments “you” “Your Style”  and most of all makes you “feel good”.

Maybe its Preppy, or a more flirty and playful look. How about Urban. My favorite “Bohemian” or as you may “Boho“. There’s so many others like SkaterPunkChicGoth or just simply Sexy. All Great Styles. Find the one that’s right for you.

The great thing about fashion is that once something hits “trend” status, lower-priced versions of the high-priced stuff pops up in stores.  Store’s Like,

Home Goods Galore”  “Where you find Quality for Less”

There are some fashions you just can’t go wrong with, Like “Skinny Jeans“Skinny jeans are still in. And they aren’t about to leave any time soon. They’ve become a denim staple.

We have an array of Prints and Patterns Like Floral, Aztec, Tribal, Animal or just simply Plain. We have Jewelry encrusted clothing, One Shoulder Tops and Dresses, Crop Tops and Pants. Long Skirts, Short Skirts, The list goes on.

Check out some Styles you Might like Below, and be sure to share your favorite style with us.

Peppermint Dress

Oh I just couldn’t resist this Peppermint Dress. This soft floral printed Sleeveless dress trimmed in white around the arms and Collar, invisible back zipper with a drop waist and pleated skirt is just amazing. What more can we say, You will  Look your best at your next party in this dress.

Do Or Tie Dye Top

Now this top is definitely a must have in any girls closet. This Long Sleeve Button up Collared Tie Dye Top is Loose fitting for total comfort. You can Roll up the sleeve’s and secure them with the tab, or just leave them down. The Tulip hem adds a unique style making this top a favorite. Pair with white pants and wedged heels for a perfect touch.

Blue Paisley Pants

If you love the look of Wide Leg Pants then you are definitely going to want to get these Blue Paisley pant with wide legs and a Self tie around waist. They are Partially lined and paired with your favorite top you will be the talk of the town.

Pin Down Dress

This Stylish Pin Stripped Sleeveless V-Neck Dress with Cut out Back is truly a fashion statement this spring. Through on your Favorite wedged heels and a hat, and show off your unique style. This dress is great for Work or a Night out on the town.

Inside The Box Dress

Show off This Spring in this adorable Black and White Shift Dress. If you desire Comfort and Style in a Dress, then this is the one.

Wild Heart Flutter Top

Love Animal Prints? this adorable Leopard Print Hi-LO top will make your heart Flutter. The top has an adorable animal print with short floppy Sleeves and open back. The Front is Cropped and the back flows just a little longer, Giving you the Perfect style. Pair it up with your favorite Bottoms and off you go.

Fringe Belief Dress

This Fringe Belief Dress is perfect for many occasions. The Beautiful Color and Fringe set this dress apart from any other. We believe this dress would be perfect if you planning to go to a Festival

High Waist Yellow Egyptian Palazzo Pants

These High Waist Yellow Egyptian Palazzo Pants are for those times when you can’t decide if you want to wear a skirt or pants. Let me tell you, it’s easy to dress up and just as simple to dress down with these comfortable pants. Made from a light weight fabric and stretchy waist to give added comfort to this vibrant style.

Bad Company Gaucho Pants

Fashion is it with these adorable Bad company Gaucho Pants. You will love the fit and the style they have to offer without skimping on Comfort. You can move freely showing off your Style. Add your favorite Top and Booties and off you go.

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