Free Spirit

Bohemian Fashions, Tend to be colorful with fun prints, patterns and trims, Although there are more subtle colors available depending on your preferrence. The Flowing fabrics create a long and loose fitting Style.

So What is Bohemian Style exactly? Well Bohemian Fashion is a Free Spirited mix of causal, hippie, ethnic and vintage styles often called Hippie-Chic or Boho-Chic. This style is very popular in the summer months.

In the early 20th Century, Bohemians were travelers or refugees from central Europe, know to us as Gypsy’s. Gypsy girls were sexy and delightful as they didn’t care to much about fashion. They lived cheaply and would wear and re-wear, worn out, used and unfashionable clothing. When they started showing off their creativity by adding embroidery and beads given a homemade feel to the clothing, it was now considered artwork.

In the 21st Century “Fashionable Girls” wore ruffly floral skirts in the hopes to look bohemian, nomadic and spirited.

Hair is worn loosely with scarves or head bands wrapped around the head.

Accessories and Jewelry tend to be large, colorful, chunky, and best of all affordable for those on a Budget!

Sandals,Boots and even Ballet Slippers are worn to complete this fashion.

Sorry! No sneakers or platform shoes!

Bohemian Fashion “Here and Now”

Journey Ahead Dress

Free Love Kimono

On The Open Road Dress

Willows Kimono

This Kimono offers a Unique Abstract print and sheer elegant look with loose draped collar. Perfectly Toping off any out fit you choose. Great for those days when you just need a little something extra with a Style you will love.

On The Open Road Top

You will just adore this Boho printed top with cutouts around the shoulders. This top looks great with your favorite Shorts and a Pair of Wedged Sandals.

Away With Me Dress

 Maybe your looking for a dress for that up coming festival? Something comfortable and Stylish. Then you will love this Beautifully embroidered Spaghetti strap Dress that just flows down with an elegant look. Not only will you be making your fashion statement but you will be turning heads.

 Home Goods Galore’s “Bohemian Collection”  See More

Tell us your thoughts on Bohemian Fashion?

Want to see even more from others that have shared information on Bohemian fashion on WordPress, check out- Sonya An



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