Follow Fashion Trends? or Not

 Whats next in the Fashion industry?  Staying up to date with the latest Fashion trends is important to many of us!  We have loved so many of the past trends and hated to see them go.

Some of us refuse to let go! You know that Favorite Shirt, or pair of jeans your just not ready to part with. Thats ok!

We can be unique! We don’t have to follow the lasted fashion trends, But we can if we want too!

You can be you, and show off your own Style.


     I have an Amazing niece, She always loves to be different. She recently married, and under that beautiful

Wedding Gown was a pair of Converse Sneakers. I thought “How Cool is That!”

As a Child she would create her own unique style that made her stand out from the rest.

I always say,  “Be who you are and Wear what you love!”

As we Enter into Fall 2014, Plaids are it!

I personally love plaids, so Im all for it.

Take a look at the few things I Personally love in Plaid!

Have some fun with Plaid Hats and Jackets




Show off  your Style with these adorable Plaid Tops


Plaid Skirts and Dresses are just so much fun



You will find all of these great fashions at

Great Prices! Free Shipping!



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