“Sunday” a day of Rest


So its a rainy Sunday Morning! I get out of bed put and on a pot of coffee, and sit down to watch the morning news. I can smell the fresh aroma of morning coffee, as I hear the coffee start to percolate. I fetch myself a steeping hot cup and sit back down to finish listening to the news. As I sip my coffee, “enjoying ever bit of it”.   I could hear the rain coming down. I got the feeling that I just wanted to climb back into my bed and stay there for the whole day. “Doing Absolutely Nothing”  But that just won’t be possible, as there is a list of things I have to do.  As I sat and thought about the old times,  I remembered when This Day “Sunday”  was a day of rest. A Day you spend with the ones you love, “Family and Friends”. Just enjoying the day!

A Day for Rest!







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