All About August

About August 1st

August 1 is the 213th day of the year (214th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 152 days remaining until the end of the year.

August 1st Birthday Astrology 

Leo’s born on August 1 have a somewhat haughty personality but are lovable people. They need the validation of others, yet they are not likely to sacrifice their true self to that aim. These people set themselves a goal and go after it with little thought of how much time or effort it will require.

No Sales Tax Holiday “in most states”

August means another school year is right around the corner. For parents, it means mandatory Shopping for Mandatory school supplies and new clothes. And in a handful of states, those parents can save some cash, thanks to holidays that exempts those purchases from sales tax.

Sales tax holidays apply to clothing or school supply purchases in 15 States in August, most of which are designated for the first weekend of that month.

Some states place caps on exempt purchases, usually $100 for clothes and $20 to $50 for school supplies.

So take advantage of this Tax Free Shopping.



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