Traveler chit chat

There are so many people that have the need to talk!  It might be because they are lonely, or its possible they just love to talk. Depending on the person and or situation, I might engage in conversation or I might decide to politely dismiss my self from the Chit Chat. 

I don’t believe that its a bad thing to have a conversation with a person you don’t know. In fact, its interacting with the people around you. “Socializing”

How many of us go to Special Events, Occasions, Parties only to find themselves surround by many People that they don’t know?

Would you interact with the people or would you stand in a corner by yourself?

Acknowledging the people around us is important, a simple hello, or a little small talk.

Which ever,  it is also important to pay attention to your surroundings and do not put yourself in harms way!  Always remain observent to the people and your surroundings.


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